Sweethearts Plaza

The Sweethearts Plaza

Thank you for your interest in being apart of the Sweethearts Plaza. Many designers have launched their careers starting with a shop at Sweethearts. Why? The traffic you see here is real.. we don't use alts or bots to buffer our numbers, and we cater to both new and old residence. Many types of designers do well with us from clothing to shoes, to hair and jewelry, photographers and many more.
The vendors that make it big know this secret.... You may not make a sale this week or even next, but people are seeing you, they WILL find your mainstore and many find it from here. A lot of vendors lose their businesses because they think if they don't make a sale from a shop, they're not making morney. Advertising is key, and a way to do it, is to be where the people are... LIKE RIGHT HERE!
 In order to have a shop at Sweethearts please do the following. After reading the rules below completely, and trust us, your questions will be answered by taking the time to read. Rentals will be returned without refund if shops are not within our guidelines, After reading, please pay the rent box and contact Blake Hambleton via  notecard full perm logo  We do screen the choices going in to the plaza for content and design. We're not a fit for everyone, but we encourage new and old designers alike. Our motto... K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) We keep it easy, simple and normal.
Limited Adboards are also available, prices may very,
What's new and what's in it for you?
There's a few new things,
  • Your shop will be included into our Shopping HUD. This HUD technology is exclusive to Sweethearts allowing our guests to select what they want to shop for and boom they find your shop! Grab a shopping HUD and try it out for yourself!
  • More centralized landing point.
  • Our executive assistant will continue to send notices about your shop to our 43,000 group members in all our 4 groups, if you're chosen as vendor of the week.
  • Two types of sponsorship is now available. There will be only 4 permenant sponsorship signs located on our teleport board with YOUR logo available to only those with a shop at sweethearts.  And weekly sponsorship available via our dj's and our text based broadcaster to all of our guests. These are easy ways to make your brand quickly well known.

1 You may NOT put anything outside the walls or doors, NO EXCEPTIONS. They will be returned.
2.You MAY cover the front facing windows with ONE SEE THROUGH / TRANSPARENTdesign of your choosing, please keep the sign INSIDE the window so that the window panes show through.
3. You MAY change the wall color, floor color, ceiling color of the inside of the shop using your own prims. No adjustments will be made to the store, please don't ask. Stay with in your prim limits.
4. You MAY use either casper vendors or BSM affiliate vendors ONLY.  NOTE: Vendors with arrows on it to scroll through your items do not work as well in clubs, guests get tired of waiting for the photos to load and will not buy as much and are no longer allowed.
5. Please stay within your prim limits.
6. Rentals must be made on time, we will return after 4 days of no payment and NC's sent with no reply.
7. No bling, no sparkle, no poofers, no scripts, NONE.
8. You are allowed ONE landmark giver only and it MUST BE located inside your store.
9. NO group invitors or subscribers in your stores.
10. NO Landmarks to other ballrooms or venues. Please make the LM to your mainstore or to Sweethearts.
11 Please no revolving photo pay vendors.

Contact Blake Hambleton via notecard in-world for shops, ad-boards and or sponsorship.