Friday, July 31, 2015

Mischief is as Mischief does

This week the featured designer at the Sweethearts Jazz Club Plaza is Miss Mischief by Cerridwen Melody.

In the real world Cerri lives in the UK and works in a leading Cancer treatment Hospital.  Second Life has always been a fun and interesting way to let off steam and meet people from around the world for her.

She went into fashion designing when in her first few weeks In SL she met a lovely Avatar named Phoebe, who introduced her to building and creating clothing using prims. Cerri said “She had the patience to teach me how to use Photoshop and to create Images of the items I had made. 5 years later I'm still designing and creating and loving every moment of it.  Phoebe has my eternal thanks.”

Miss Mischief clothing is bright, fun, energetic and affordable.  Cerri uses beautiful, high quality textures from some fantastic texture creators in SL and some of her own too. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Not the same old same old....

Last weeks Sweethearts Plaza featured vendor was Rejuve's Raggs.  Raggs is a bit of a misnomer for the amazing outfits and gowns that can be found in this store.  I set out to find out a bit more about the creative talent behind the brand.

She goes by the name Christiane Armanii.  This avatar’s human is resident in Ontario Canada.  She has extensive life experience which has stood her in good stead in tackling all that SL has thrown her way.  Initially a stay at home mom until her chicks were old enough, she then went on to be a bartender and offered private housekeeping services.  In her spare time she came up with various creations to stimulate her creativity.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Are You in....?

Are You In?...The -AZUL- Group That Is... because if you are there are presents for YOU!
There are 6 for 2015 alone! Make sure to have that shiny new tag on and you'll see where you can click to get your very own, FREE!

Now to take a look at the primo gifts from -AZUL- Read More Here


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Gorgeous in -AZUL- Nayomi

No other words to describe, Gorgeous in -AZUL- Nayomi by Mami Jewell. This gorgeous creation comes in 12 Colours + 1 SL Marketplace Limited Colour + 1 "100 Pieces" Limited Colour. It was made for Nayomi Garner, Miss Brazil for the Miss SL Pageant 2015. Read More Here

Friday, July 24, 2015

-Azul- stuns the fashion world!

-Azul- stuns the fashion world with a creation by Mami Jewell entitled -AZUL- Ohana. This masterpiece is available in a multitude of colors. A stunner of a gown, it is mesh with skirt attachments.

 Read More Here

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Water Fantasy in -AZUL- Anais

Water can be a fantasy especially in a gown like Anais by -AZUL-  A collection by Mami Jewell. Stunning is the only way to describe the exquisite work. Read more about how YOU can wear this and more by -AZUL- Read More

Somewhere between decadence and virtue lies the charms of an angel

Last week’s Sweethearts Jazz Club shopping plaza featured vendor was Jewelry by Jake.  The ever so charming Tjake Kearny let me take a peek into his Second Life.

His human self is Italian born but has been transplanted to the USA.  He said “I LOVE football!  WATCH EVERY GAME... and yes MY GIANTS are going to take it all the way this year!” He came to Second Life with a very beautiful lady he met from another game.  It was nothing like SL but that is what brought them both here. 

I asked him how he got into the SL jewelry design business and he said “When I began in SL.. it was quite a while ago.. we were allowed to gamble.. camping paid a lot more than it does now.. but unfortunately I talk a lot!.. and since I was not making a great living, Sommes told me to go out there and get a job!.. Like real avi's.. I'm kidding!.. Actually Sommes was the inspiration behind me beginning with jewelry design.   I began very small.. Earrings.. necklaces.. bracelets..  and umm.. wait a second that is exactly what I do now...”

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Seen at Sweethearts ...

ShantillyLace - Sweethearts hostess

Just some of the few gorgeous people seen at Sweethearts Jazz Club, showing off their finery and having a fabulous time on ShatillyLace's watch ...

Vika and Littlemissflame


It's always time to dance and have a good time at Sweethearts Jazz Club.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

It's all about elegance

  • She’s personable… her down to earth personality is refreshingly authentic.  
  • She’s not a quitter… She is doing in SL what she can’t in RL.
  • Her designs are stunning… and range from “girl next door” glam to sizzling siren, the choice is all yours.  
Who am I talking about?  This week Sweethearts Jazz Club shines our spotlight on Japanese, SL fashion designer of note, Mami Jewell.  She is the owner and designer for one of the leading fashion houses of Second Life, AZUL.

Those of you who frequent Sweethearts Jazz Club regularly will know that we feature a designer from our shopping plaza every week and last week it was the turn of AZUL, and I undertook to have a chat with the lovely lady herself.

Mami lives in Tokyo. She graduated from the Art University where she studied Graphic Design. She has never worked as a Designer in Real Life.  Here first job was an Architect Designer and the last one was for a trading company.  She was introduced to Second Life by a friend and she decided that it offered her an excellent platform to try her hand at creating.  It was something which she couldn't do in Real Life even though she loved it. She said “Now I am happy that I managed to be a creator in here, in Second Life.”

Friday, July 3, 2015

It's time to celebrate

It's celebration time at Sweetheart's Jazz Club....

Oh and a little bird told me that it is a certain beautiful lady's birthday too, what could be better than birthday cake, fireworks and amazing music - now that's the ingredients for a party second to none.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Live Breathe Be -AZUL-

In the Miss Azul 2015 Contest the finalists have been given their first challenge: an Azul Portfolio. For 30 days the finalists will post and blog their idea's styles and creativity. Sweethearts own Shannon Bramlington has been selected to be a Miss Azul Finalist (photographed above)  Shannon was asked about her -AZUL- Portfolio, in which she said, "For me, I've decided to make my portfolio a theme for -AZUL-. entitled Live, Breathe, Be -AZUL-". Read More...