Monday, January 14, 2013

Alzheimer Dementia Charty Fundraiser.

When: January 31st
Time : 8 am -6pm
Where: Sweethearts Jazz Original


Charity Dinner, Art Auction, and Masquerade Ball
Time 6-8pm
Where: Sweethearts Select

We will be hosting a 12 hour charity event to raise money and awareness to the Alzheimer Association.We will be having live performers, live dj's, contests and live events all day long from
8 am to 6 pm SLT in Sweethearts original club. Following the festivities we will head over to Sweethearts Select at 6pm and have a Dinner, catered by the Pixel Pot, followed by an Art Auction and Masquerade Ball. To attend the Dinner at Select please be a member of the Sweethearts Select Club and purchase a dinner ticket. Tickets are on sale now, the price is 1,000L and is donated to the Alzheimer's Association,

We are hoping you attend. This cause is VERY dear to our hearts. We also will be donating the proceeds in the names of all that we have loved now or lost previously to these diseases. Please look for the WALL OF LOVED ONES, to have your loved one put on the wall. We will donate the funds in THEIR name to be memorialized always.

Help us honor those that can no longer remember.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hall of Fame Week

Sweethearts Select continues HALL OF FAME WEEK. Make your mark!  Your name and handprints will forever be on the hall of Fame walk way to the entrance of Sweethearts Select for all to see! Watch the notices for times. There are only a couple of days left to be inducted. Don't Miss this once in a second life oppurtunity.