Friday, December 18, 2015

Gloriously Unique

People who make a real difference in life both real and Second  Life are few and far between.  Inspirational people come in various guises.  In this particular instance it is the ever so elegantly glamorous Eibhline, she of the Regal Academy.

In RL she lives in the USA.  She works incredibly hard and by that I mean seven days a week in RL as a youth treatment counsellor at a corrections facility for boys ages 13-23. Over and above this she is also in grad school to finish an MBA in Special Education.

What brought her to SL was one of her college classes called Valuable Populations. It discussed how Second Life was used as an outlet for people with disabilities. She said “I wanted to be one of the people to help make a difference in their lives and joined SL.”

Regal Academy is not her first foray into the world of fashion and modelling in SL.  Originally she opened an Agency/Academy called NDD: No Dramatic Divas.   However, due to Eibhline being in RL School it had to close down. She finished her third degree in December 2014, but mid-way through she opened Regal in July of that year.

I asked Eibhline what she found so rewarding about running a modelling agency/academy in SL.  She said “For the academy it would be to see how the students grow in the fashion world to become professionals in whichever area they have a passion for. Regal offers two model certifications, or we like to call them papers of nobility, the first is a basic model certification and the second an advance certification. To gain a basic model certification students will have to pass 101 Regal Foundations and 201 Regal Contour classes. Whereas the advance is 101 Regal Foundations thru 601 Regal Performance Etiquette.

Avalon Chrome
We have a number of lords and lady models who's gained their basic certification however only three have graduated for their advance model certification. Avalon Chrome, Shannon Bramlington, and Aradia Aridian. Each graduate has gone on to do amazing things in the fashion world. Avalon Chrome is an amazing photographer and blogger. She continued her education at Visionaire Institute and graduated. Her own blog has been nominated for Avi's Choice Award Favorite Fashion Blogger 2014 and she's won the best photo contest and landed the cover of NuVibez Magazine. Recently she did a Chop Zuey ad spread for BOSL magazine. Shannon Bramlington continued her education at Versus and plans to graduate in January 2016. She was crowned Miss Azul 2015 and is the master mind behind the Sexy 7 Idea for Azul that
was just released. Shannon additionally landed the covers on Ferosh & Versus Magazines.  Last but not least, Aradia Aridian has become a fashion writer and has done show scripts or articles for Penumbra, Solaris, BOSL, Iconiq, and Eclipse. I look forward to seeing what else is in store for our new students who are creeping up to become advance models as well.   As for the Agency it's rewarding to see different types of talented models come together to create something dedicated to fashion!”
Shannon Bramlington
Aradia Aridian

I asked her how Regal was different from other modelling academies and agencies in SL.  She said “It isn't about what clique you are in or who you know. It's about having that passion for fashion and working hard to be a top model. It's accepting that right now you may not be a top model but we want to see you get there! Or your attitude needs to change because it's unprofessional, let us help you with that so you can be more successful! You don't have to look cookie cutter show us you unique side! To be a good model is to have the talent and having the proper professional attitude.”

Regal offers six different classes. Five out of the six classes can be taken as individual classes which cost 3,000Ls each. Or you can select one of the two packages they offer. Package 2 is taking 101 Regal Foundations and 201 Regal Contour to gain a Basic Model Certification at 4,500Ls. Package 3 is taking 101 Regal Foundation thru 601 Regal Performance Etiquette to gain an Advance Model Certification at 15,000Ls.  Additionally, they recently opened one on one training with the teacher of your choice and at times of your choosing at 4999Ls per class.

Classes take about 1-3 hours a day. 101 Regal Foundations is a 6 day course. 4 lecture days and 2 test days. 201 Regal Contour runs over a single day. The rest of the courses, 301 Regal Polish, 401 Regal Scribing, 501 Regal Photography, and 601 Regal Performance Etiquette are two day courses. Models can achieve their basic model certification within three weeks. For advanced certification it can take up to seven weeks. Classes are set at the pace at which the student wishes to take the classes. Regal understands RL happens and when the pupil is ready the classes will recommence.

Regal are accepting new students who have a passion for fashion and a hunger to learn.

To show they really do mean business, Regal Agency is presenting a show called, Gloriously Unique with Regal this weekend. Eibhline said “I truly think the fashion world tends to forget why we are really here and I would like Regal to remind them.”

Resemble what you truly want to be... Regal

The first of this weekend’s shows kicks off at 12pm SLT on the Sweethearts Jazz Club sim, today (18th December.)  Further shows will be as follows:

18/19/20 December @ 12pm SLT @

The Fabulous Sponsors are -  White Armory, Zibska, Vaxer, CASTIEL, Modern Couture, and Fallen Gods.  All of which will be exhibited at Regal's Gloriously Unique Fashion Show!  Don't miss out on the fun and new styles.