Friday, December 18, 2015

Gloriously Unique

People who make a real difference in life both real and Second  Life are few and far between.  Inspirational people come in various guises.  In this particular instance it is the ever so elegantly glamorous Eibhline, she of the Regal Academy.

In RL she lives in the USA.  She works incredibly hard and by that I mean seven days a week in RL as a youth treatment counsellor at a corrections facility for boys ages 13-23. Over and above this she is also in grad school to finish an MBA in Special Education.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Body Beautiful

Second Life being the wonderland it is, offers people from all walks of life a platform for creative expression.  Come with me down the rabbit hole as I take a look at Lovit Avatars, a valued advertiser at Sweethearts Jazz Club and vendor of a range of bodies beautiful.

The creation of skins and shapes in Second Life is an art.  Creators such as Rockward Waco of Lovit Avatars, spend hours developing complete avatars, tediously creating the perfect illusion for our virtual reality.

A skin and shape creator must skillfully transform the pixels of the Second Life avatar into a desirable character. They will often work with real world images to perfect the physical features of our virtual selves, creating a flawless appearance for our avatars.