Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Not the same old same old....

Last weeks Sweethearts Plaza featured vendor was Rejuve's Raggs.  Raggs is a bit of a misnomer for the amazing outfits and gowns that can be found in this store.  I set out to find out a bit more about the creative talent behind the brand.

She goes by the name Christiane Armanii.  This avatar’s human is resident in Ontario Canada.  She has extensive life experience which has stood her in good stead in tackling all that SL has thrown her way.  Initially a stay at home mom until her chicks were old enough, she then went on to be a bartender and offered private housekeeping services.  In her spare time she came up with various creations to stimulate her creativity.

Chritiane Armanii
A friend who saw a video of her RL creations, thought that Christiane would love SL.  Her friend brought her in, gave her a couple of LMs for content creation classes, and she was off.   She started building houses but found boxes to be boring, but it gave her the basic building blocks to start designing clothing.

Christiane sets out to create textures and styles not often seen in SL. Mixing and matching elements so that we don't have the same old same old.

She draws inspiration from what she has already designed, reworking the textures and designs.  She said “A design request is best when it comes to inspiration, as it often forces me out of my comfort zone. I tend to stick to color ranges that I personally like and a specific request also remedies that.”

Christiane derives huge satisfaction when she see someone wearing one of her creations.  She said “It says to me I AM good enough!”

I asked her what advice would she give to someone interested in getting into the SL fashion design business.  She replied “Get ready to buckle down! Any failed creations are merely stepping stones.”

To the question, what’s on the cards in the near future for Rejuve's Raggs, she said “The near future is hard to predict. Long range the plan is to be just like the other big names ;).”

The Rejuve's Raggs lady is anyone who appreciates well textured, elegance. She's quietly seductive, with definitive class.  

Are you a Rejuve's Raggs lady?  Come on down to the Sweethearts Plaza or visit the Rejuve's Raggs on SL Marketplace.