Ms Sweethearts Pageant

Ms Sweethearts 2015
Ms Sweethearts 2015 is Ms Broadwaygirl1 Resident,

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The Ms Sweethearts Pageant!
 L$100,000 Prize!

 The most popular jazz club in all of Second Life is now is looking for YOU to represent it!  The utmost elegance is poured into Sweethearts daily, and we're looking for that special lady that represents that very grace, glamor, poise and at Sweethearts!  What would a contest be without prizes? OVER L$100,000 in cash and prizes! We've passed out over L$700,000 in cash and prizes in our legendary pageant s to date!
What our winner wins...

♥ A prize of L$100,000
♥ A the official Sweethearts Crown and sash that can be worn during her reign.
♥ Ms Sweethearts will be the official face of Sweethearts and spokeswoman.
♥She will be the  ambassador in every public event, and media event.
♥ A photo-shoot with gown, sash and crown Photos will be used for promotional items for the next contest, advertising both in the Sweethearts group
♥ The chance to model for one more more of our awesome pageant sponsors.

♥ Ms Sweethearts appearances on and off the Sweethearts sim as needed.
♥Accompanied the owners of Sweethearts and rub elbows with the best of the best of Second Life at the Avi Choice awards!
♥ Earn the Ms Sweethearts Trophy

♥ She will have the opportunity to be the crowner of the next Ms Sweethearts.
♥ A three - six month month reign and the privilege to wear the winners tag.
And More!!

Read our interview with our current Ms Sweethearts right here.
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See our pageant area in the Sweethearts Ballroom for more information.

Our Ms Sweethearts of 2010 to present!

Ms Sweethearts 2014 Ms Kennedy Fairlane

Ms Sweethearts 2013 Ms Omalley Farspire

Ms Sweethearts 2012 Ms Whitebride Asmara

Ms Sweethearts 2011 Ms Pegusus1760 Resident  

Ms Sweethearts 2011 Ms Ona Waffle

Our FIRST Ms Sweethearts Ms Claire Roddenham