Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Body Beautiful

Second Life being the wonderland it is, offers people from all walks of life a platform for creative expression.  Come with me down the rabbit hole as I take a look at Lovit Avatars, a valued advertiser at Sweethearts Jazz Club and vendor of a range of bodies beautiful.

The creation of skins and shapes in Second Life is an art.  Creators such as Rockward Waco of Lovit Avatars, spend hours developing complete avatars, tediously creating the perfect illusion for our virtual reality.

A skin and shape creator must skillfully transform the pixels of the Second Life avatar into a desirable character. They will often work with real world images to perfect the physical features of our virtual selves, creating a flawless appearance for our avatars.

The human behind LOVIT Avatars comes from the Eastern part of the USA and is a computer scientist in work study background.   He came to SL in 2006 to look at Virtual Reality for a fortune 500 company and luckily for us stayed.

Initially Rock began working on avatars to research how they would impact business process automation.    The underlying, key idea was that avatars would be used in our everyday lives.  In due course that work led to him creating alluring and beautiful avatars with the intention of making the residents of SL look good. 

Lovit Avatars are unique in that they create limited edition avatars and they place tattoos in each product to try and give them unique makeups and appearance.  They call this a tattoo persona.
I asked Rock where he drew his inspiration from.  He said “I spend a fair amount of time now looking at people and thinking analytically on why they appear cute and beautiful.”

Rock said that Allison, which is on sale now, is their greatest product to date.    It is a complete avatar with special emphasis on super looking eyes.

On the cards in the near future for Lovit Avatars is the introduction of more mesh products which will include mesh bodies for men and women.

You can pick up your new look at Sweethearts Plaza: