Wednesday, November 25, 2015

To Infinity and beyond ....

Infinity Estates is a cost effective mainland residential estate brought to you by Spicy Braveheart.

In real life she is a busy southern California girl, who not only has a day job, but is a business major at the same time.  This entrepreneurial lady was brought to Second Life by someone she regards as her SL father, to head up his CCS (CoLA Combat System) clan.  They first met through another game that, at the time, she was an administrator on.  Spicy said “I sort of beat him up, lol.  So began a fast friendship that has lasted for the entire duration of my journey in SL.” 

After some time finding her feet, she decided that she wanted to provide affordable housing for people in SL.  At the time she started, rentals were pricey.  She figured out rather quickly, that if you provide quality rentals at an affordable price, and couple that with excellent customer service; you end up with quality renters who will stay for a long period of time and recommend the estate to their friends.

I asked Spicy what made Infinity Estates unique amongst other residential estates in SL.  She said “What makes us unique is the variety of choices people have for low cost rentals. We only rent mainland properties, which allows us to keep our costs under control.  This savings is passed onto our customers.  From fully furnished sky boxes to empty lots.  We really have something for everyone at a price that won't break the bank.”

Infinity Estate consists of affordable lots, regardless if they are on water, have ocean views or are on grass.  The Sky boxes are just as affordable.  Spicy believes that everyone needs a place to unpack a box or three, change,  bring company over to and on occasion just chill out, listening to the radio and sorting through their inventories.  She said “I feel it's important for people to have their own slice of SL heaven to enjoy.  For a newbie, it might be a way to figure out how to put on socks, for an established player it might just be a place to relax and occasionally have friends over.  By keeping prices affordable, we can accommodate most people’s residential needs.”

Infinity Estate has a variety of offerings, from low cost sky boxes to small and large parcels of empty land.  The sky boxes come in many shapes and sizes, complete with security orbs.  The lots come with the ability to control the settings on each parcel.

And what’s on the cards in the near future for Infinity Estates?  A small expansion, to include more sky box options as well as additional lots in various sizes.

There is something for everyone at the right price at Infinity Estates, join a residential community run by a lady with your best interests at heart.

You will find the land sales office here: