Saturday, August 22, 2015

"A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms."

FlowerDreams by Nile Karas is one of the design houses with a satellite store on the Sweethearts Shopping Plaza.

I personally have a couple of the gowns designed by Nile and when I wear one of them, compliments for the gown abound.

In real life Nile lives in Istanbul, she is educated in journalism and PR and has always had an interest in PC games and virtual worlds.  Her SL journey began in February 2007.  Initially she joined SL to occupy some of her free time.  Over time some the wonders of the creativity SL offers attracted her attention and so began her journey as a builder, starting with simple flowers and plants, over and above this she had a sim with an art gallery and a dance venue, run in conjunction with her partner.

Nile opened the doors of FlowerDreams in 2009.  The name of her brand came from her initial penchant for creating flowers.  She said “It was always in my mind to make gowns but I knew I needed to learn Photoshop first. I started with SL video tutorials, my first works were poorly made dresses, but a very stubborn person I persevered.  My dream was to make different gowns, maybe even a bit surreal.”

I asked Nile about her design style and what makes her collections unique in the SL fashion industry, she said “My motto is “in a virtual world you can wear a dream.”  I offer dreams to my customers, sometimes very innocent ... sometimes a bit naughty but always elegant and high quality.”
The ladies who wear FlowerDreams creations are ladies who want to feel unique, who want to feel the joy of colours and imagination.

Nile draws inspiration from her love of nature and she is a fervent believer in the power of good thinking.

Getting to grips with the arrival of mesh proved to be a challenge, but she is not one to shirk away from a challenge.  Initially she approached it with caution as she loved making gowns with hundreds of flexi prims, but she saw that mesh could look very nice, with high quality realistic looking fabrics so now she has a mesh base to which she adds her prims to the skirt, utilising the best of both options.    She added “Recently I have been focusing on including appliers for mesh bodies into my designs, which has added a whole new challenge to the design world.”

I asked Nile what it’s like to see someone wearing one of her creations – she replied “This is my favourite question... :)) it’s a real pleasure to see my gowns on ladies, it always makes me smile joyfully in RL.  I don’t do this business for money, I just love the creativity on SL, I love to see my dreams on wonderful ladies.  They are making my dream come true.  I’m thankful for that... SL has made me a better person and artist...”

Her advice to anyone interested in getting into the SL fashion design world is to always seek for new things to learn, let curiosity drive you.  She said “I followed my dreams...worked hard…that is how I did it and so can you :))”

I asked her what her favourite design was, she said “I count many of my creations as favourite, but I think it is the Fairy Tale dress.  It was my first design which I made after many unsuccessful tries and it is still available in my store and one of my best selling items.”

Keep your eye on FlowerDreams and Nile Karas as she ventures into creating skins and makeup for mesh bodies, not to say that there won’t be more spectacular gowns for us to wear as well.

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