Monday, November 23, 2015

No gummy legs with Utopia Designs

Utopia’s design talent Saby Clary hails from Italy.  She found Second Life quite by accident and immediately fell in love with it. And many of us have definitely fallen in love with her designs.

Her love beautiful things brought her to SL’s world of fashion, and she is still totally in love with it.  She said “I thought I could give a positive contribution to the feminine world of SL fashion.   When I danced for the first time here in SL I felt so excited and I would have really loved to wear a fantastic dress, then I thought, actually I really can and want to make a stunning one!”

Saby’s design style is all about a mix of sexy, class and femininity.  Her goal is to always make her designs look as real as possible using high res textures.

Utopia caters for both men and women’s formal wear, but that’s not all.  Saby has branched out into the fantasy world.  She has designed outfits for fairies, vampires, angels and demons among others.  She said “I love the fantasy world too and maybe I will expand this section because it's fun for me to design such costumes.”

She draws her inspiration from every stunning image can pass before her eyes, everything from classic Italian art, the sea, sunsets and animals.

I asked her how mesh impacted on what she designs. She said “At the start I was disgusted because I loved the creativity SL allowed and now we had to deal with transparent, uniformed bodies, and mesh dresses that stretched like chewing gum.  It sure was really bad for me. Mesh evening dresses can’t flow using mesh components only.   So I mix mesh and flexi parts to create less gummy dressed.  Sure the textures look better on a mesh body and that’s why I've added appliers to complement my designs and to try to make the perfect dress, and it’s working really well!”

I asked her what it’s like to see someone wearing one of her creations.  She said “I always get a thrill when I see somebody wearing my creations.   I feel really proud and I still can’t believe that I can do such thing... every time....”

To those of you interested in getting into the SL fashion design business, she says it boils down to passion and patience.

She has no favourite design.  She loves every one of her creations.  She said “It’s even impossible for me to delete any of my old items.  As such I have updated the whole collection with appliers so that they can be worn by mesh bodies too.”

In conclusion I asked her plans for the future for Utopia designs were.  She said “Planning makes me lose all my energy and passion. I create by inspiration in the moment.  You can’t plan to be in love ;).”

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